Benchmarking and best practice exchange as a basis for interpreting the results of employee surveys, developing fields of action and deriving targeted follow-up measures.

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What makes it more complex

The employee survey (MAB), whether as a full survey, partial survey, pulse check or other formats, should always be an essential part of organisational development when used.

Especially when interpreting the results of an MAB, but also in the subsequent identification of areas for action and the targeted derivation of follow-up measures, internal and external benchmarks can provide crucial information.

External benchmarks are usually purchased from service providers and provide an initial assessment of the situation in comparison to other companies such as competitors, but also more or less comparable organisations and companies.

External benchmarks are often accompanied by a lack of transparency with regard to their calculation, the comparability of questions and the companies and information included.

This circumstance presents managers and companies with enormous challenges when interpreting and continuing to work with the benchmarks and leads to hardly assessable effects on the development of follow-up measures.




“External benchmarks are often accompanied by a lack of transparency […]”




How we face it

The RACER Benchmark Group was founded to meet these challenges in benchmarking, especially with regard to the calculation basis and the data to be included. The RACER Benchmark Group is a group that exchanges experiences anonymously in the legally protected space of the bench market and within clearly defined legal boundaries.

Today, the group comprises 16 leading German companies and pursues two main goals with its work: On the one hand, the provision of reliable benchmarks on certain target variables and facets in the context of EFP, which are maximally transparent and verifiable for the members in terms of their composition and the content-related and time-related reference variables.

These are items and indices for performance indicators that can be influenced at staff and company level.

On the other hand, the importance of personal exchange has increased significantly in recent years. The RACER Benchmark Group supports the exchange of experiences and best practices between members, but also between member companies and companies that do not belong to the group. To this end, various formats exist that promote dialogue with regard to HR research and thus ultimately the further development of approaches within the companies and the group.


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